Teacher Mail-In Registration

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Please return the pre-registration form to the Sioux Empire Water Festival by January 10 of the year of the festival. All schools will be accepted on a first come-first served basis. We will send your school official notice upon confirmation of your registration. If your teachers do not receive official notice by January 30 of that year, and you plan to attend the festival, please call our office (605) 330-4515 x 3 or email melanie.raine@sd.usda.gov. Please inform us if a certain day or time works better for your school.

Please submit only one form for your school.

Elementary School Name: 

Mailing Address:

School Phone Number:

School Fax Number:

Signature of Principal: ____________________________________________________

Printed name of Principal: _________________________________________________

If you have any students/teachers/chaperones with special needs that would impact room assignments, please list below:



The Quiz Bowl is a competition between schools to compare your team’s knowledge of water-related facts. One team is selected to represent your school. Over $1700.00 worth of prizes will be awarded to the winning schools. We usually plan the Sioux Falls schools for the morning sessions and out of town schools for the afternoon sessions.

Will your school be competing in the Quiz Bowl?

Yes__________ No__________

If you do not want to compete, would one or more of your classes like to be a spectator at a competition?

Yes_____ No_____


If you have a day preference to attend the festival, please indicate:

No Preference__________ 1stday __________ 2nd day __________

If you have a session preference, please indicate:

Morning sessions (8:50-11:10 am) __________

Afternoon sessions (11:50 am to 2:10 pm) __________


Teacher Name:

Number of Students:




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