Teacher Information

The Sioux Empire Water Festival is geared toward 4th grade students and their teachers. The festival features presentations, exhibits, and a Quiz Bowl all with water as the main theme. Students engage in hands-on activities on topics such as wetland habitats, wildlife, groundwater, health, safety and aquatic life. The best thing of all, the festival is free; there is absolutely NO CHARGE to send your students to the event! If transportation costs prohibit your school from attending, please contact our office for potential transportation assistance.

Schools from Minnehaha, McCook, Turner, Lincoln, Clay and Union counties are welcome to attend. If you wish, you may register your school online at https://tinyurl.com/SEWFSchool. We try to accommodate everyone for their first choices on festival dates and times, but please remember that with the large amount of registrations we receive, we follow a first returned, first assigned basis.

We have many activities and presentations that your students will love. If you plan on bringing a Quiz Bowl team, you can find the Water Wiz and more information here.

We look forward to your school’s participation at the Sioux Empire Water Festival. Please plan to attend!