Quiz Bowl / Water Wiz

The Quiz Bowl is a favorite event of the Water Festival. Schools that wish to compete in the Quiz Bowl prepare by studying the WATER WIZAll teams should study the WATER WIZ to prepare for the Quiz Bowl. Four students from each school (not each class) compete against another school on stage, while their schoolmates watch and cheer them on.

Here’s How You Play

The Quiz Bowl officials consist of a Water Wizard, an Official Timer, and a Buzzer Controller.

The Water Wizard will govern the Quiz Bowl, instructing the students on the particular aspects of the game and asking the questions. If any given answer is questioned, the Water Wizard will make a final decision on whether it is acceptable.

The Official Timer will control the time clock and keep score.

The Buzzer Controller makes sure the buzzer sounds when it’s supposed to.

A team will be disqualified if they are not at the auditorium and ready to play within five minutes of the start of their session. The Water Wizard reserves the right to disqualify a team in the event of tardiness or unsportsmanlike conduct.

What You Need To Do Before The Festival

Each participating school will select four students for their team, one of which should be designated as the spokesperson. To allow all schools to participate in the Quiz Bowl, we must limit each school to one representative team. We encourage each participating school to thoroughly study the WATER WIZ, then hold their own competition to choose their team members.

Play Begins

The Water Wizard will select and ask a question from the WATER WIZ. All teams will be asked the same set of questions to ensure fairness.

The Quiz Bowl format consists of two parts — team play and individual play.

Part One — Team Play

The Water Wizard will ask the appropriate team a question. The team has ten seconds to start their answer. Timing begins after the Water Wizard has completed the question. The team may consult with each other before the spokesperson gives the answer. The answer must be started before the buzzer sounds. Regardless of whether the first team answered the question correctly, the play goes to the second team. If the question was not answered correctly by the first team, the second team gets the opportunity to answer the missed question, and a new question of their own. Each correct answer is worth one point. No points will be deducted for a wrong answer. Play continues back and forth between the two teams until the end of ten minutes of play. Play will end when the timer sounds. If the timer sounds during a question, that question will be completed.

If is of benefit for teams to answer questions quickly and as many questions as possible, resulting in a high score.

Part Two — Individual Play

This part consists of a list of questions asked consecutively and is open to all participants, rather than by team. The first player to hit their buzzer will answer the question. The play has five seconds to start their answer and may not consult their team members. If the question is answered correctly, their team will receive one point. No points will be deducted for wrong answers. In the event of a wrong answer, the Water Wizard will give the correct answer and then proceed with another question which will be open to all players again. Play will proceed this way for five minutes.

At The End

At the end of the session, team points will be tallied and announced. At the end of the day, after all sessions have been completed, the final scores will be reviewed. All teams that win their session will receive a gift certificate to “Teaching Treasures“. In the event of a tie, prizes will be given to both teams. All participating classes will be notified of the winning teams.

2019 Quiz Bowl Winners