2022 Virtual Quiz Bowl

The Quiz Bowl is a favorite event of the water festival. Classes that wish to compete in the 2022 Virtual Quiz Bowl prepare by studying the materials provided to you. All classes will receive the same materials, and all should study these materials to prepare for the Quiz Bowl. Classes will compete by answering a series of questions online, with winners determined by the number of correct questions in the shortest amount of time.

Here’s How You Play

  • Follow the link that will be provided to an online quiz.
  • Respond as a class to the questions.
  • When you have completed the quiz, your results will be recorded.
  • The Quiz Bowl committee will notify participating classes of the results.

What You Need To Do Before The Festival

Each participating class will thoroughly study the materials beforehand. We encourage each participating class to hold their own competition(s) before participating in the 2022 Virtual Quiz Bowl.

Play Begins

The teacher will click on a link to the 2022 Virtual Quiz Bowl, enter general class/school information, then the class will begin to answer questions. Remember that time is of the essence, as well as answering questions correctly. All classes will be asked the same set of questions to ensure fairness.

At The End

At the end of the 2022 Virtual Quiz Bowl participation period, the results will be reviewed. Winning teachers will receive a gift certificate to “Teaching Treasures” to buy a gift for their class. All participating classes will be notified of the results.